My Legislative Philosophy

I’m Omooba Sunday Solarin, FCA, an achiever per excellence and an aspirant for the Ogun State House of Assembly to represent Ikenne State Constituency.

I am here to sincerely serve to the BEST of my ability.

OSS Manifesto tagged “My Legislative Philosophy” encompasses the following keys areas of focus if given the opportunity to serve the constituency:

  • Representation that is driven by passion for excellence and quest for monumental development.
  • Legislature that will be characterized with creative thinking techniques that will propel the state to a greater height.
  • Legislature that will be poised for intellectual capability, moral standard and ethical excellence.
  • Legislature that will be devoid of trivialities and flippancy but is pre-occupied with motions, debates and bills targeted at improving systems and art of governance in Ogun state.
  • Legislature that will eschew both intra and inter Government friction, crisis, acrimony and bickering.
  • Legislature that will harness the potentials in Ogun State for optimum and further delivery of dividends of democracy to our people.
  • Legislature that will cherish and preserve that mandate of its people by ensuring that government policies are well conceived and articulated, implementation are optimally delivered, accountability sincerely demanded and promoted while benefits are evenly accrued to our people.
  • Legislature that will be the pride of the entire citizenry of Ogun state.
  • Legislature that will institutionalize appropriate, applicable and implementable financial re-engineering mechanism within the government budgetary framework to ensure fiscal responsibility and value for money based budgetary system.
Omooba Sunday Solarin, FCA